One of the most common questions that people have about 18k gold ornaments is whether they can be worn daily. In Dubai as well as in other cities of the UAE there are several souks from where you can purchase a range of gold jewelry ornaments. Top gold jewellers offer ornaments of the best quality along with a warranty. Their prices are competitive as well. However, the question still remains whether 18k gold jewelry can be used every day. There are distinct factors that you should seriously consider, as explained precisely in this short blog.

Develop an Understanding of 18k Gold

Understanding what exactly 18k gold ornaments are is of utmost importance. An ornament developed using 18k gold has around 75% of pure gold and the remaining 25% consists of other metals such as copper and zinc. A top-rated gold shop generally has an extensive product list of various 18k gold items. You don’t experience any shortage of choices as far as shopping for your favorite gold jewelry is concerned.

Daily Use Might Tarnish It

Gold jewelry has a natural shine. Over-exposure can lead to depletion in its gloss. When you wear 18k jewelry items daily, there are good chances you can lose the gloss of the jewelry piece due to regular casual use. Hence, it is a wiser idea to flaunt your golf products only on special occasions. This will ensure that the shine and glitz of the product remain intact.

Determining the Type af Jewelry You Want to Wear

It is important to know the type of jewelry you want to wear daily. If it is a thin 18k gold necklace, there is no issue in wearing it daily. But you should ensure buying the product from a well-known Dubai gold souk that has a good reputation in the local market.

An Ornament with a Coat of White Gold

In many cases, you can buy 18k gold jewelry that have a thin coat of white gold on their surface. The coat acts as a protective layer that saves it against overexposure. It is practically more convenient to wear such gold ornaments daily as you would be sure the quality standards would remain in place even after regular use.

Wear an 18k Gold Item That Has a Warranty

You need to remember that it is intelligent to wear an 18k gold product that has a warranty tag from the seller.

Buy the Best 18k Gold Jewelry

Anvar Luxury Jewellery is a reliable gold shop in Dubai that has goodwill in selling numerous varieties of beautiful and dazzling 18k gold jewelry items at competitive rates. You can simply look through the product list and buy suitable ornaments for yourself or as gifts.

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